Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gun policy

Sadly, the Supreme Court has recently decided that I have to institute a firearms policy for my 30th birthday party. Since I intend to fully comply with the law and not discourage anyone from carrying a weapon within the District of Columbia, I've made a short list of weapons that are firearms that are acceptable at the party.

The list is as follows:
1. A blunderbuss.

Note that if your gun is not on this list, Fuggles will probably get all weirded out that you're actually bringing a GUN to a KEG PARTY and Katherine will make me ask you to leave. To clear up any confusion, unless your gun looks like this one, don't bring it.


Davey said...

I planned on packin' Brass Monkey. Is that cool? No? Spanish Fly?

Richard said...

Oh yeah. Brass Monkey is cool.

gangsta bruce said...

f*#k! does this mean i can't bring my tec-9? rat-a-tat-tat!!!

ted nugent said...

that list is weak! but i still might attend depending on your forthcoming knife policy.