Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday dinner

Katherine and I have a tradition of making obsenely elaborate meals for each other as birthday gifts, so last night I was treated to something truly spectacular.

Appetizer: baguette with HOMEMADE mozzarella cheese. Amazing. She actually made cheese from scratch.
Salad: greens with cherries, shallots, and walnuts with a red-wine vinegar dressing.
Entree: veal saltimbocca (I've never had this before, but it was incredible) and mashed potatoes made with chervil and celery root.
Dessert: seared pears with a rose wine reduction sauce, on vanilla ice cream.

This means I'll have to take it to the next level when February comes around. Home-distilled vodka for cocktails? An assortment of breads and puff pastries? Homemade sausages? I really don't know what I could do to top homemade cheese. Unbelievable. Maybe I'll just throw in the towel and cook half-smokes.
It's looking like there's a chance of rain for the party tomorrow, which would keep us inside or on the front porch. Oh, well, that just means we'll be doing more dancing!

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