Monday, September 22, 2008

Public transit to the party

Since today is Car Free Day in Washington, DC, it seems like a good time to put some information out there about public transportation to our house.

First, there are two Metro stops near our house. Petworth is slightly closer than Columbia Heights, but I think the walk from Columbia Heights is a little nicer. Just exit using the escalators on the right (after the fare gates) and keep going straight up 14th at the top of the escalator. We're a 10 or 15 minute walk north on 14th.

Second, there are some buses that get you VERY close to our house. The 50-series (50, 51, 52, 53, and 54) come straight up 14th St. from McPherson Square and stop at Shepherd St, 40 meters from our house (which, if you're an NFL player, should be covered in a greatly exaggerated time, like 3.9 seconds). Sometimes, though, we use the S-series (S1, S2, and S4) on 16th Street. These tend to move a little faster, but you have to exit at Shepherd St. and then walk about a block through the Park, crossing Piney Branch Parkway. This is all very clear if you look at this overhead map:

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Finally, you can use a cab. Diamond Cab tends to be good to us if you're looking to call someone, or you can hail a cab and tell them you're going to "14th and Shepherd, just a little north of the Columbia Heights Metro station." Good luck.


Richard said...

Do younger people understand how to make the internet work? Or am I the only person who's really frustrated about why the font BELOW the map isn't the same size as the font ABOVE the map? This really should be easier, but I just can't figure it out. Oh, and why did the scale of the map change when I embedded it? Now it's not clear at all how you're supposed to get to our house! Dang it!

Davey said...

Apparently once you turn 30 the internet stops working all together.

ted stevens said...

since you're 30 you should know that the internet is a series of tubes. apparently, the tube controlling your font shorted out or experienced some type of electrical difficulty. or perhaps the tube that was accessed is a much smaller tube or maybe it just got all tangled up! hopefully this message will be posted before your party so that you can fix it...but i have my doubts since the tube i am sending this through might be jammed up with dirty movies, dirty pictures, dirty songs, and all sorts of enormous amounts of dirty information.