Friday, September 5, 2008

DC dance party!

I guess no one will be surprised to find out that having a standup comedian is pretty unworkable for a house party. First, it's not really a good venue, so comics don't really want to do it. Second, we'd have to pay someone, which is NOT going to happen. And third, well, there's not really a third, since those first two are pretty damning.

Katherine and I are focusing on some other entertainment ideas right now. We talked to Fuggles about learning some tricks, but she stuck out her claws and jumped out of my arms, so I don't think she's interested. But, we ARE going to have an all go-go dance hour at some point! Look for this on the official party agenda (due out sometime around 9pm on September 27th, realistically) and get ready to dance to some Chuck Brown, TCB, Backyard Band, Junkyard Band, EU (added for Rouzbeh), and more! Also, we're going to have a good representation of DC music for the rest of the night. Of course, there will be some standards (Fugazi, Teen Idles, whatever), but we'll also have some non-pop stuff (John Philip Sousa, Duke Ellington, that female opera singer who's famous). Should be a good time! Put your requests in the comments section.

Oh, since this isn't a Redskins blog, I'll keep the game commentary to this: this might be the worst 'Skins team of the Dan Snyder era.


brucetravis said...

hmmm...does this music include folks who ended up or spent a good amount of time in dc but weren't necessarily born in dc? if so, put link wray on the list! love to hear me somoe RUMBLE!

brucetravis said...

oh, and i assume the bad brains will be featured as well?

Richard said...


David said...

BEASTIE BOYS . . . please.