Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre-party pub crawl

Just in case you're the type of person who's going to feel out of place showing up sober as a judge at a colossally raging house party (or, alternately, a party with six people quietly standing in a semi-circle around a keg), I've put together an agenda for a pre-party pub crawl for you!

First, take the Metro to Columbia Heights. (Note for out-of-towners: DC's Metro is just like New York's subway, only it rarely takes you exactly where you want to go in an efficient manner, and you're less likely to get mugged on DC's system.) Exit the escalator on the left after the faregates and walk a few feet forward to Commonwealth Gastropub. Great cask-conditioned ales AND there are some jauntily-placed engineering supports that interrupt the space in a really delightful way.

Second, leave Commonwealth, turn right out of the door, go down Irving to 13th, turn left, turn right on Kenyon, and a block later you'll be at Wonderland Ballroom. Wonderland's pretty cool, but I have to imagine your visit would've been a lot more epic back when it was Knob Hill, the oldest African-American gay cabaret in the country. These days you'll just have a Bell's Two-Hearted IPA and sit next to a bike messenger.

Third, leave Wonderland, turn left on 11th, and a block later cross the street to Red Rocks pizza. This is in an old rowhouse and they've used the space very nicely. Solid selection of bottled beers, although we tend to prefer the wine list here. Order a pizza. Leave out the front door. Continue up 11th.

Fourth, somewhere up north of Red Rocks you're going to hit New Hampshire (I think). Turn right, then another right, then you'll hit Georgia Ave. Turn left and after you pass The House (which advertises two things on their billboard: girls and Redskins games on TV), start looking for the Looking Glass Lounge on your left. When you find it, order a Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky!

Fifth, turn left out of the door, turn left on New Hampshire, turn right on Spring, turn right on 14th, and then stop at the Red Derby on your left. This place ONLY has beer in cans, so you can either go with the awesome Dale's Pale Ale, or something that costs a very fair $2. Say Hi to the owners and invite everyone over to 1416 Shepherd St. for the party!

Turn left out of the front door, go two blocks to Shepherd St., turn left, and we're the first house with a red door on the left!

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Madge said...

Will you be pub crawling before your party? I think it is always fun when the hosts are already drunk before others arrive!!