Monday, September 1, 2008

Out of town guests!

Last night I got together with Patrick (the second tallest member of my intramural basketball team), Nora (the only person to ever successfully retell a funny Simpsons episode), Dave (who writes the player bios on the back of Topps baseball cards), and Kate (who I'd actually never met before, but is a professional dancer). They were all very curious about Turning 30...finally... and wondered when they would be getting official invitations. Well, this is it: everyone I've ever met is invited to my 30th birthday party on September 27th!

Also, they were surprised to hear that I have yet to earn a single dollar for writing this blog.

Back to the invitation thing: I'm going to be posting an elaborate map pretty soon with directions to my house from various non-DC locations. This is just to make it more difficult for folks from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and what have you to make any excuses. If you ask nicely, I could probably also get someone to write a medical excuse so you could miss a day of work or get a cheap "family emergence" airfare.

For lodging, there's a very quaint looking hourly-rate "guest house" down the street. If you're looking for something a little fancier, you could probably pitch a tent in our neighbor's front yard. Or, you could try to fight Fuggles for the guest bed, although we haven't trimmed her claws in a while and she might fight back.

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