Monday, September 15, 2008

Critical party decisions

Moving along in party planning...

I placed an order last week for a full keg (that's a 1/2 barrel, or 15.5 gallons, or roughly 162 pounds of beer) of delicious Hopback Amber Ale from Troeg's Brewing Company. As I'll surely tell people a gazillion times at the party, this was my introduction to Troeg's, which has since become one of my favorite breweries. At 6% ABV and a slightly sweet maltiness balanced with EXTREMELY grassy hops, this is just about the perfect session beer. It's not really great for keg stands, but I certainly won't discourage any girls from doing one.

Also of note, We Are Scientists (or, as I call them, We Are Pussies) have a new single out today or tomorrow or something, depending on the international date line and daylight savings time. Unfortunately, I think it's priced in pounds or euros, which means that it'll probably cost as much in dollars as the rest of my record collection combined. Perhaps I should just sell all my Demon System 13 records to pay for it. Does anyone know how much the first Life's Halt 7" goes for on eBay these days? More than I paid for it? What about the Charles Bronson discography DC WITH THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK?!?!?!?!!!

Or, maybe, just maybe, Katherine will cough up the money to buy the We Are Scientists single and we can turn the birthday party into a listening party, complete with a trophy for the best heckle.


drunk travis said...

oh f#&k! a troegs keg! that means i HAVE to take off work the following monday since my hangover will certainly carry over into..oh...tuesday? wednesday?

madge said...

I agree with Travis on this one, kegs are one of those things that start off as a good idea and then go very wrong very quick. There are certain members of the Caperton/Wasaff family who lack self control around kegs. We will try, we will try.

Richard said...

You guys need to toughen up. Besides, if you don't like the keg, I'm sure there's going to be some Wasmund's around, or at least the Capertons' oktoberfest.

drunk travis said...

hold on...i didn't say that i didn't like the keg! the problem is, i like the keg too much! so, i can't be responsible for my actions. just be sure to lock the door to the basement, and make sure that there aren't any swords, machetes, or meat cleavers handy. right!

Katherine said...

One keg of Troegs
+ One Richard
+ One Travis
= One drunk conversation that Mary and I will make fun of you about.