Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potential job for a 30 year old

Alert reader (and wife) Katherine sent me a message yesterday telling me about a fantastic job opportunity! Here it is:

Airline seeks bald men as walking billboards
10 hours ago
WELLINGTON , New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand 's national airline is offering to pay bald travelers to use their heads — literally — in a new advertising campaign.
Air New Zealand said it wants 70 recruits to stand in lines in three airports — while wearing temporary tattoos on the back of their heads so the displays can be seen by people lining up behind them.
The airline would pay 1,000 New Zealand dollars ($660) for each walking billboard, a company official said.
The tattoos will promote a new system that is meant to reduce check-in waiting times.
Air New Zealand marketing manager Steve Bayliss described the campaign as "a bit of fun."
"It's a ... tattoo on the back of someone's head, so they have to have their head shaved or be bald already," he told National Radio on Wednesday. "It will be an advantage for them to be bald already."
The tattoos would fade or wash off after about two weeks, he said.
Bayliss added that he won't be part of the program since he was "doing OK" in the hair department.

Well, this is unfortunate. Only a man with hair could come up with this idea. I mean, it's reasonable to be okay with being bald, but it's another thing to try to make money off of it! This is a little like fat people trying to sell ad space on that part of their bellies that shows between their shirt and their pants.

In any event, there is something intriguing about selling ad space on my head. I mean, Stephon Marbury put his own company on his head, which I kind of like.

Or, I could get my deepest beliefs on my head, such as my sincere allegiance to pizza.

Or, I could just let people know not to mess with me.

Best of all, since I'll be 30, this isn't a decision I'll regret when I get old, since I'm already old.


fat travis said...

will there be temporary tatooooze available at your party? i hope so, since i want to put on my fat belly!

Steve said...

I think I can get my hands on a Touchstone Energy temporary tattoo in your old desk.

Katherine said...

Tony Varona mentioned this article in contracts class today. The same man who claims that sometimes you have to do something special to make class interesting because jazz hands just aren't enough.