Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eigth year of the Redskins!

Kids, believe me when I tell you that it is REALLY weird to watch sports for so long that you remember Vinny Testaverde as a rookie, you watched that crazy fog game in Chicago where no one could see the field, and your favorite Redskins QB of the last decade is Tony Banks. That's right, I'm now so old, and so far removed from anything good happening with the 'Skins, that I really enjoy thinking about Tony Banks.

Highlights of Banks' career in Washington:
1. Tony being the absolute best play-faker in the league
2. The 'Skins winning 5 in a row after losing their first 5.

Wow. That's a decade of bad football...
But, tonight's season opener should be a good opportunity to cheer for my new favorite 'Skin: Todd Yoder! I think he's some sort of chef, but I might be thinking about Casey Rabach, so it's hard to say. He is a fantastically plodding tight end, as you can see in the picture below.

Note: this is Todd scoring on a pass from Todd Collins, in the greatest combo of Todds of all time.

Oh, I've also been surprised to get over my extreme dislike for the Manning brothers in my old age. Maybe I've mellowed, maybe I've just been around long enough that they've worn me down with their lovable ads and efficient leadership, or maybe I just have a soft spot for Peyton becoming the best bald QB in the league (replacing Matt Hasselbeck).


brucetravis said...

i remember testaverde in the sugar bowl back in 1986 against the tennessee volunteers. for a whole month leading up to the game we called him testaturdy...ah...11 year old humor. score of the game? vols 35 miami 7. big orange CRUSH!!!

anyway, i can't believe you brought up tony bLanks! apparently his play action fakes were so good that he even fooled himself...because he lead the league in fumbles! awesome!

should i break out my heath shuler jersey for tonight's game? yikes!

Katherine said...

I don't much like football but I'd MUCH rather be hanging out with you guys tonight than monitoring the final night of the Republican convention. The best part about the whole thing: after tonight, it's over!! Also, have you see the commercial with the Mannings and the Williams sisters? It's kinda cute.

Nik Coffrin said...

Wow that is so depressing. I was recently reading the sports guy blog and he made a comment that the Giants would have a bad season. Why you ask, because when ever he speaks with his Giants fan friends (like me but he doesn't speak with me personally) they are just so excited about last year they forget all about this year. So true but we did destroy the high school football team we played last week.