Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wait, am I not a burnout?

Uh-oh. If Lance Armstrong actually gets it together and successfully un-retires next year, this is bad news for me, because I won't be able to talk my way out of bike rides with the excuse of, "Oh, I haven't trained in a while..." Dang. Now I'll have to visibly get fat or something.

Actually, I was just talking with classmate Tom who asked if I had been riding. I told him that I was hoping my residual fitness would last for a few more years, so I could still hang on to a ride if I ever got talked into going out. His response, "Yeah, right, and the skin on my face keeps getting tighter and I keep getting more hair." Shoot. Maybe I could dress up like an old guy if I ever go out with the Georgetown team: steel frame, ill-fitting Discovery jersey, black shorts, and talking about cycling back before there was a Category 5. Then they'll feel sorry for the old man.


Do I LOOK like a mountain biker? said...

Hey, what's wrong with black shorts?

Richard said...

Nothing wrong with black shorts, but they're scientifically proven to be slower than red or white shorts. Green shorts are probably a draw with black. In an interesting twist, blue shorts are generally slower, but the accent colors have a dramatic impact.

All told, shorts appear to have less impact on speed than shoe color and handlebar tape color.

David said...

What about tire color?

fat travis said...

seat color is also very important. studies have shown that the combination of a white seat, while handlebar tape, white shoes, white helmet, white sunglasses, and white wall tires results in a victory 70% of the time, every time (note: this only applies to cat 4 racing).