Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hail to the Redskins!

As much as I dislike the "Redskins" name, I sure do enjoy rooting for the 'Skins. Especially when I turn on the Cleveland/Pittsburgh game and hear Al Michaels talking about Jamal Lewis "missing a year for jail." Whatever.

There was a serious threat that the 'Skins wouldn't win a game before my 30th birthday. At this point, they'll probably be 1-3 on September 27th, then lose another game on the 28th to drop to 1-4. Thankfully, future hall-of-famer Jason Campbell saved the day and we can all be happy that they're not off to another 0-5 start...

Addendum: solid game from Laron Landry, number 48 (some rookie, whoever that is), and Santana Moss.


brucetravis said...

#48...that's chris horton...he's a 7th round draft pick! he was in for doughty who had a stomach bug or something. 2 INT and a fumble recovery. dang!

brucetravis said...

UPDATE! horton has been names the NFL defensive player for week #2. impressive....MOST impressive!