Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What time does the party start? 8pm.

This reminds me of when Katherine and I got married. The first thing Monsignor Jameson said at the rehearsal was, "Okay, when are we all going to get here? 2pm, 30 minutes before the ceremony." It was good to know that we were dealing with someone who ran a tight ship. (Related note: I took the bus to the wedding, in my tuxedo, and weirdly got there extremely fast, so I was early.)

I like things to start at the appointed time, which is why we'll be tapping the keg, starting the iPod, and making delightful conversation starting at 8pm on September 27th, not 9:30 or 10. Of course, you can show up whenever you want, but we'll be ready to go at 8.

Why 8? Well, it's really a compromise. I, like all senior citizens, like to start stuff at 4 in the afternoon, but Katherine suggested waiting a little bit, so that I don't eat all the chips before anyone else shows up. It's a good point, so we settled on 8.


Jack said...

Will there be keg baseball?!

Richard said...

Yes, there will be keg baseball, but you're only allowed to participate if you wear those tight "Bike"-brand umpire shorts.

Richard said...

Also, note that I've added Jack's blog to the blog list on the front page. Fun!