Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Party planning update!

You know what's probably the most annoying thing for a standup comic? Getting booked for a gig that is absolutely destined to fail. I mean, at least there's a chance that you've got a good line for whenever someone says, "Oh! Say something funny!", but there's just nothing you can do about a bad room setup filled with people who don't care. That's why it's going to be really funny if we can get a standup comic for the birthday party (on September 27th!). Ha ha, joke's on them!!

Katherine and I spent last night reviewing people at http://www.dcstandup.com/. The criteria for asking someone to perform at the party are:

1. A good headshot. These two folks were in the lead.

I think that's Paula Dellert on top and Christ White below. Very good headshots.

2. The person has to have a website that actually works and doesn't take forever to use.

3. They can't be already booked on September 27th.

Unfortunately, no one really met all the criteria, but I think we're on the right track. Does anyone know someone who's killed at a few open mics and wants to get some more experience?

Oh, everyone should also google Larry Poon. He's pretty funny, if your tastes are more in the Neil Hamburger line of things. Apparently he's on a "Poonified" tour of Europe during my birthday, although that might be a joke on his website.

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