Sunday, August 24, 2008

Full night of age-related comments!

Hanging out with Katherine, Mary, and Marie last night led to two age-related conversations.

1. Mary noted that she and Katherine could easily pass for being younger than they are. In fact, she said, "We could all pass for younger than our age!" This was news to me, as no one has ever believed me to be anything less than five years older than my real age. Mary apologized for her mistake.

2. Everyone agreed that at some point you have to start cutting your hair short to be an adult, but no one really knows what that age is. I suggested 16, since that's when I started losing mine, which garnered much sympathy.

Not much else to report on the birthday party front. We're bottling the IPA tonight and moving the Oktoberfest to secondary. Will hopefully report on initial tastings later on!


Mary said...

It was also noted that Katherine and I don't understand why people are surprised that we are over 30. Again I ask you, what is 30 supposed to look like?

Richard said...

I think 30 looks the same as 29, only with kids.

Also, the IPA is fantastic and is bottle conditioning right now. 5.5% ABV, floral nose, pleasant bitter balance, clear bronze color. The Oktoberfest is a reddish-brown, also at 5.5% ABV, and Katherine says it smells like snickerdoodles. I think it's a little more like brownies, with some hops hiding in there.